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    Thank you very much for the info Rastoo. From what info, I've been able to scrape up, the female is very hard to breed, but the males breed more regularly with domestic strains. So if your female is breeding thats good news, provided its wild.

    Quote Originally Posted by Merrilyn
    What we're trying to discover is if anyone has actually bred two wild caught heckels together and been able to raise fry.
    The two of us have done it, in the future

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    getting a good female breeder is the trick. Males will throw a leg over anything. Got that problem right now. Anyway - read the thread I put in ages ago. Big tank/pond - heaps of fish and good water quality. It most certainly can be done with heckels. If they really give you the irrits - then hormone induce them until they cant help themselves and get some other good surrogate parents that will raise the fry. i'm working on that right now!

    Wild discus only please. Or bring back the old strains from the 80's.

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