Hi Andrew,

It's well documented what I think of the drug but the last couple of times I've used it I've checked water twice daily to try and see what it is that freaks them out and whether it's something I'm doing as opposed to the drug. I didn't do anything differently and I didn't notice any difference in water params whatsoever but what I did notice is that the adults did not bat an eyelid. The juves on the other hand (4-6 month old), as normal, went beserk every time I went near the tank. The adults that I have in my growout system at the moment are the same fish that were treated with Levamisole several times over 18 months and the very ones that gave me my opinion on Levamisole.

I wonder whether they get used to it or as they grow up into adults their internal systems are better able to handle drugs like Levamisole. I must admit at being very surprised at the result because as always, I was expecting all of them to go off food for a few days and be very jumpy to say the least.