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    My african cichlid aquarium

    A quick video of my African cichlid aquarium. Its a teaser for a series I am currently filming on -How to setup an African cichlid aquarium that is easy to maintain.The tank itself is my pride and...
  3. Thanks for the feedback. To answer your...

    Thanks for the feedback.
    To answer your questions with such a small aquarium we didn`t want to lose too much water to the substrate. There is a slow migration of water through the foam base plate...
  4. Creating a discus aquarium that is easy to maintain-video

    We have put together a little video showing the way we have designed our discus aquarium. Its a very low maintenance design that ensures the best water quality.

    The tank is small at only a...
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    Discus ability to shoot water

    I noticed how discus eject water from the mouth to stir up food off the ground.

    I noticed my female is more skilled at it than the male.

    Following this I have started pressing bits of food...
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    Hey there from New Zealand

    I have been a fishkeeper since the 90`s but have only recently kept discus. I can now see what all the fuss is about. Such amazing fish. I look forward to reading others interesting stories.
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